- Full Service Web Agency
  • Landingpages & Websites
  • Online-Shops, WaWi
  • Tailormade online based solutions

- Expert Team
  • tailormade software development
  • various own skills
  • network of various specialists


- E-commerce Solutions
Web-Shop, Magento, Shopify, Marketplaces, Payment, Logistic APIs

- Scalable Outsourcing Developers Hub
  • Network of Experts
  • Due-Diligence Process

MWALL Platform

Innovative digital solutions for Retail.

- Profiter Platform
Omnichannel tool for synchronisation of ERP with various marketplaces and purchase settlement.

Our Skils

We have implemented a number of various projects in all IT areas over the last 20+ years. Below you will find some more recent examples of our work. References are available upon request.

Our Projects

Ebay - compatible-application


Swisscom Monitoring Console: Server Monitoring and Administration Tool


Financial and transport statistics & visualization


Gloobar - service for mobile communication between a location and a client




ZIP Hessen


Time series visualization, statistical algorithms


Rapid business and financial process prototyping tool


Heterogeneous microservice orchestration platform


Development of multiple search and analysis engines


CRM system for the Hospitality industry


CRM system


Billing, CRM and video rental management system


Fire protection system software


Biometric access control solutions


Cloud Architektur

Let your own IT department focus on long-term strategic goals and day-to-day operations. Let us handle the ad-hoc tasks in an efficient, cost-effective way. This page holds a short list of the key advantages we bring to the table — quite impressive, yet far from exhaustive

Our Team - 360° expertise, from embedded systems to finances

We are a group of specialists with various backgrounds, combining skills and know-how in various IT areas, such as system architecture, client-server solutions, distributed computing, big data, web and mobile applications.

The expertise is supplemented by diversified knowledge in multiple fields, including but not limited to business consulting, marketing, wholesale and retail trade, etc.

Our trusted partners provide a wide spectrum of further capabilities based on the requirements of a specific project.

Furthermore, the in-house team can at any time engage the support of a number of proven independent professionals with deeper knowledge of their respective fields.

Leonid Krassovitski Founder, CEO
Full-Stack Developer
Marjan Shtymak Project Manager, Ukraine
Full-Stack Developer
Vlad Kornienko Full-Stack Developer
Magento Experte
Danylo Bohuslavskiy Mobile App Developer, Ukraine
Alla Stegnach Manager / Copywriter


MWALL Platform

MWALL - Digital Signage

Interactive solutions for
visual advertising
controlled by gestures.


LikeUs Panel

LikeMe Live
Social Networks
in Real Life.


Data Gathering Module

- Tailored Offer
- Experience Maps
- Offline Cookies
- Heat Maps


Service Improvement based on SmartData

  • OmniChannel Touchpoints
  • New Technology
  • Online meets Offline
  • User Experience


  • Content Development & Management
  • Creating of photos and videos for touchpoints
  • Tailor Made Solutions
  • Installation & Support

IT & Integration

  • Content Management System
  • ERP/WWS Integration
  • Interface for Data Analysis
  • Custom Development Solutions

Profiter Platform


  • Customized integration of mProfiter Platform in existing distribution processes
  • Assumption of wholemarketplaces distribution via mProfiter in customer’s order

Your Solution

  • Self Contained System
  • Purchase Orchestration

More than 90 functions

  • Marketplace Connections
  • Purchasing Management
  • Product Management
  • Stock Management
  • Customer Care Management
  • Payment Module
  • Fulfillment Module
  • Retour Management
  • User Management
  • Import/Export Functions
  • Analysis
  • Social Media Connections

What you get

  • Satisfaction of online sales staff
  • Sales across all relevant online marketplaces, while reducing the processing and administrative effort
  • Increase customer satisfaction by optimizing service processes
  • Noticeable increase in sales through optimal use of online sales channels
  • ROI within approx. one year

Our Partner